EMT Transition/Refresher Course 30 hours

EMT Transition/Refresher Course 30 hours

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EMT Transition/Refresher Course - 30hrs 

The EMT Transition/Refresher course will cover the material required for transitioning practicing EMT to the new EMT level and will bridge the gap from the National Certification testing based on the National Standard Curriculum from EMT. The new course offers 30 hours of training for the EMT in need of 30 hours of continuing education. Practical skills sheets align Washinton State and National Registry psychomotor skill requirements.

This course includes NREMT practical testing on the 4th day. Each participant should be very familiar with the skills that they will be tested on. (Please see link below for skills packet and review these prior to class.)

Click on the link below or copy and paste the link to get the skills packet. 


The book requirement for this course is the Emergency Medical Technician Transition Manual by AAOS. (The Book is included in the cost of the class but you will need to pick it up at the NW Regional Training Center prior to class. If you need the book mailed to you please call 360-397-2100 for options. If you have an EMT book that is less than three years old you may use that in place of the Transition Manual.  The cost of the class is the same regardless of which book you use).

(Please read the manual before attending the course) 

Cost: $350.00

Class Length: 30 hours



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