Defensive Driving

Defensive Driving

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Defensive Driving

This defensive driving course is designed to allow employers to document employee training for defensive driving concepts that can dramatically reduce potential for accident and injury while driving on the job. 


This class addresses some of the following:

Liability (company and individual)

Safe driving techniques

Poor habit recognition

Distractions (texting, talking, lost, fatigue, poor weather conditions, etc.)

Vehicle inspection and documentation

Driving attitudes -Defensive driving attitude

Reaction distances - segmented for driving ages

Driving competencies - segmented for various ages

Accident reporting - per company policy

Commercial vehicle issues

Driving under the influence (prescription/other)


This class is designed to give all employees necessary tools to operate vehicles in a safe manner by reviewing positive driving habits learned and addressing poor driving habits.

This class is interactive and relies on student participation and dialog.


Cost: $60.00

Class Length: 1.5 hours


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