N95 Mask Fit Test

N95 Mask Fit Test

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This test is specific to those that need N95 respiratory protection. Anyone who uses this type of equipment must provide their own mask and go through a series of tests to be sure the mask is a good fit, and has no leaks making sure no particulate matter gets around the mask.This testing is in accordance with WAC 296-842-22010.  (Note: Due to COVID-19 severe safety measures will be in place; ie social distancing of 6 feet, tester will wear N95 and gloves, questionnaire on COVID-19 symptoms prior to test, decontamination of hoods between each use per manufacturers specifications.)

With social distancing in place, we can test three people at a time, with each test averaging 20 minutes per group.

Cost: $25.00

Off site private testing will be $30.00 per person within a 30 mile radius from our training center.  If you would like testing outside of this radius please contact us at 564-397-2100.



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